Sunday, November 29, 2015

ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas Printable & Highlight-able Schedule!

Hooray! It's almost time for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas movie countdown! Starting December 1st! While other channels play some awesome Christmas movies, ABC family is my go to for having something to watch every night. And if you're like me, you have to follow the schedule and plan out what you can fit in! So, I made myself a crude printout of their schedule that I could highlight and hang and thought I'd share it for anyone that wants to do the same!

Just click the link below each picture to access the printable PDF and highlight all the great movies you intend to binge watch! For instance, you could do like me and highlight How the Grinch Stole Christmas every single day it comes on. No shame here. 

Also, ABC has been getting a lot of flack this year for their lineup. People are particularly upset over selections such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Toy Story movies, and showing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Christmas. Well, if you follow this blog or know me at all, you know what I think about that last one ;). But all I have to say is it seems they're trying to include a few younger audience movies that aren't particularly Christmas themed but still in the spirit (IMO). Toy Story = Hello. TOYS.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory = ITS A MOVIE ABOUT CHOCOLATE
As for Harry Potter on Christmas, they show the Christmas (yes, my fellow Christians, HP says CHRISTMAS with their CHRISTMAS dinner and CHRISTMAS presents...sheesh) scenes in this movie and hey, ABC is known for its HP marathons so why not throw the one with a Christmas scene in? Let's just all be thankful that ABC exists, mmkay? 


Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas 2015 Planner Pages - 22 pages for FREE!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I've recently received some feedback on my Mini Binder Christmas Planner and have done some work to add two more pages AND now every page in the planner is available in full size! If you don't yet have a mini binder (a half page sized binder available at most places where office supplies is sold) check out this post on how to make your own! If you don't have the original mini-binder Christmas Planner pages, go here! 

Below, you will find links to the PDF's for the two new mini-binder sized Christmas Planner pages, and every single Christmas Planner page in full 8.5 X 11 size! Great for those who want a bit more writing room.

Also, a note on printing the mini sized pages. You may need to change the page size before you print, if your computer doesn't do it for you when you access the PDF. Simply go to File -> Page Setup or File -> Print and change the page size from there. You need to change the page size to 5.5 by 8.5 (or it may show up as 5.50 by 8.50). This is simply a regular sheet of printer paper cut in half. I suggest buying a pack of printer paper and taking it to your local office supplies store and asking them to cut the entire stack in half. They have a cutting machine that does it all at one time and they even box it up for you! 

Also, ONLY for the mini pages, if you have a handheld single hole puncher, I included black dots on the margin where you should hole punch. If you're printing the full size pages, the template pictures below show the black hole dots, but they are not included on the PDF's. A regular three hole punch will work on the full size pages only. 

Another good tip I got from a commentor is to print double sided! More bang for your buck because you don't waste paper!

Simply click the link below each template to access the PDF!

First, the two NEW Mini-Binder Christmas Planner Pages

Who doesn't love a good Christmas morning breakfast? Plan it out with this page!

Get organized on your kids' stockings with this stocking stuffer page!

And for those of you wanting to go big this year, here is all 22 Christmas Planner pages in full page size!

If you have ideas for more pages or if you need help with anything, please feel free to leave a comment below! I love comments!

~ Jessica

Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY: Faux Leather Nightstand

I have returned!
I know it's been a while since I've made a post. So, to kick things back off, I have a little DIY that is everything I'm about: cheap and shmancy looking. I've had one of those ugly little chipboard round tables for a while now. I picked it up for $1 at a thrift store a while back thinking I was going to do some project with it and true to form, that project never happened. ;) But now it has been reborn! I have a really tall bed and my current nightstand wasn't cutting it height wise. I also wanted something edgier and more in tone with the rest of my room's style, which I've recently redone as well. I'll post pictures later! Anyway, cue up my ugly little decorating table. 
Get your own ugly table here!
One of the things I did on my hiatus was take a trip (or three) to California where my friend recently moved.

Of course I scoped out every Goodwill in a 20 mile radius from his apartment, and while I was there, I found a yard of amazing brown pleather for less than $2! I stuffed that shiz into my carry on and brought it home. It sat for awhile until the other day, when I was ranting about how I couldn't find a nightstand high enough for my bed, my dad suggested I cover my ugly table with the pleather. I was SO on board! 

My only tweak to the idea was to cut down the table top to have a straight-edge side that I could push up against the wall. Trying to save as much room as possible!

What You Need
- ugly little table
- thick, durable fabric
- staple gun
- scissors
- saw

So, we started by cutting off one side of the round tabletop, keeping in mind the placement of the legs on the underside. 

I didn't take pictures of the next part but it's incredibly easy. Whip out your staple gun and go crazy. I just flipped the table upside down on the pleather, cut around the edges giving myself about three inches extra to work with, and wrapped it around the sides and stapled, stapled, stapled. My suggestion would be to start stapling down the fabric on the straight-edge first, then switch across to the middle point of your half-circle and work your way around each side until you get to the back corners. Folding is your friend! This is what I ended up with.

Please forgive the horrible photo quality (it was nighttime and my room gets pretty dark) but this is the finished product in my room! You can see how tall my bed is, so I was very excited to get this edgy little table in there! Some things I might do to this later on to make it ever more industrial-chic is add gold or brass caps to the ends of the legs and 'maybe' stain the legs a slightly darker color. I thought about adding a brass brad trim but thought that might look a little outdated. What do you think?

Hope you like it as much as I do. These little tables are abundant at thrift stores all year round so if this is something you'd love to throw in your bedroom, hall, or entryway, you won't have any trouble snagging one of your own!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day Inspired Pedicure

If you're looking for a last minute way to spruce up your Valentine's Day, try this quick DIY pedicure! 

I began by applying a layer of clear base coat to all my nails. Then, I chose a festive color, pink, and painted all toes except for the accent nail next to my big toe. While they were drying, I did two quick coats of pink glitter on my accent nail. Next, I just free-handed white French tips on all my pink nails (it's much easier than free-handing tips on your fingernails!). If you don't do so well free-handing, my other go to is a thin strip of scotch tape that I've stuck on my skin a few times so it's not as sticky (to save it from ripping up my first layer!). Simply place it where you want to achieve your desired tip thickness, paint, and peel carefully from one side. Finally, finish all nails with a top coat of clear polish and you're good to go!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Product Review: Pond's Facial Cleansers

Ask your mom, grandma, or even your great-grandma about Pond's and more than likely they'll know what you're talking about. Originally known as "vanishing cream", Pond's cold cream has been a staple on the market since the 1910's. I'll be reviewing the current iteration of Pond's cold cream as well as it's modern counterparts, Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes and Luminous Clean Towelettes.

First up: Pond's Cold Cream

When I was 16, a friend introduced me to cold cream as an eye makeup remover. We usually wore a lot of eyeliner and mascara so it was a godsend. The cream is soothing as you apply it and easily removes any amount of eye makeup with tissue paper or cotton pads. My only critique is that it does leave your skin a little greasy so I only use the cold cream to remove eye makeup rather than applying it to my entire face.

Next: Pond's Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes

This is my absolute favorite cleansing product of all time. This article brings to light the notion that using facial wipes to remove makeup and impurities can replace a full face wash. Good news for a lazy girl's routine! I'm also of the mindset that less is more and you don't necessarily need ten products to care for your skin. So, with how much I swear by Pond's cold cream, I was ecstatic to find these wipes. And they are amazing! They have a wonderful smell that isn't too harsh or fragrant, so it leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean. The material of the wipe is soft and smooth on the skin where others can be abrasive. The best part, though, is their versatility. These wipes are strong enough to remove facial makeup as well as lip and eye makeup. They leave your skin so incredibly soft, too. So, at the end of the day, I get fresh, clean skin in a snap with one wipe. Any eye makeup that is difficult to remove, I just use my cold cream to take care of it.

Last: Pond's Luminous Clean Towelettes

Finally, there's the Luminous Clean Towelettes. They're the same as the original wipes but if you can believe it, they leave your skin even smoother and brighter than the original wipes. This is thanks to the minerals and soft white Kaolin Clay that draws out deep impurities. I generally save these for morning use because of how much it wakes up my skin.

As you can see, I'm on the Pond's bandwagon wholeheartedly but with good cause and proven results. Clearly decades of experience has benefited this brand for it to be so successful over a hundred years later! I highly recommend giving all three of these products a try!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to: Thrift Shop

So, as my about me blurb succinctly states, I am a self-proclaimed thrift store aficionado. 
What it doesn't say is how this came to be and how I keep it up. So, I wanted to share a few tips I use every time I walk into my favorite thrift stores on how to find the best clothes, make the most out of repurposing something, etc.

1. Branch out and secure favorites: When my mom, grandma, and I go out thrifting, it takes all day long. Why? Because we've amassed a ridiculous list of thrift stores we frequent that pretty much spans the city we live in. To give yourself both variety and opportunity to find the best deals/treasures, visit a handful of stores instead of sticking to one or two. That being said, I do have my favorites. Goodwill will always be in my #1 spot, however this is due to regional backing. All Goodwill's are not created equal! The size, quality, and content can change from state to state all the way down to neighborhood to neighborhood. More affluent areas will have higher prices (sometimes even a different pricing system such as price per clothing item instead of general pricing) and better quality while older neighborhoods might have better pricing and greater variety. Also, I've been to a Goodwill store in the following states: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and California. It appears that the southern states have bigger stores whereas the 4 (yes FOUR) Goodwill's I went to in California were just...awful. So small. So expensive. Ugh. 

2. Know your stores: Different thrift stores will be notable for different things. I'll give you a rundown of the stores I go to and what I go to them for specifically.
Goodwill - Everything but especially clothes
Humane Society Thrift Store - Furniture
Helping Hands - Arts & Crafts/Picture Frames
ABBA House - Furniture
The Place - Various tchotchkes 
No Longer Bound - Books/tchotchkes
The Pier - Furniture/Home Décor
Home Ministries - Christmas décor
The key here is to find out what each store carries the best of so, in the future, you'll know which stores to hit up when you're looking for something specific. 

3. Keep an open mind: The whole crux of thrift stores is that, even if you're looking for something specific, the entire inventory is comprised of things someone else decided to buy. This means you have to be flexible in what you're looking for, which is the fun part! If you're venturing to find craft materials, slowly browse through every aisle. Pick things up, compare similar items. Take an item you like and carry it over to a different section of the store to see if a match can spark your creativity. Repurposing is one of my favorite reasons to go thrifting. 

4. Clothes: So, a lot of people I know are hesitant (or are openly repulsed) about buying clothes/shoes from thrift stores. My answer (aside from a dubious eye roll) is you have to know where to go. As I stated in tip 2, you have to scope out which stores carry the best quality of clothing. Start there. Now, whether I'm looking for something specific (pants for work) or looking to needlessly expand my overfull closet, my rule of thumb is the same. Color and quality. Bigger thrift stores have racks upon racks of garments and can take hours to go through. If you don't have that kind of stamina, simply scan the racks for items with rich color (not colorful, just non-faded color) and good quality. Good quality meaning it hasn't been worn to death (pilling/holes/picked/stained/etc). This should narrow your search down quite a bit and from there, you can assess further quality as well as size and style. This may seem common sensical or unimportant, but I've gone shopping with people who wander aimlessly or get overwhelmed and give up but then ask me later however did I find such a cute top? You gotta work for it. : P 

5. Name Brands: This goes for clothes too but is worth mentioning separately. Thrift stores, especially those in affluent areas, will likely contain name brand items. Name brand clothing, shoes, purses (very common), housewares, etc. can all be bought in good shape, secondhand. In the stores around here, I find a lot of Vera Bradley bags and purses, some that retired back in the early 2000's and some that came out last spring. Examples of other brands I frequently find are Columbia, The Loft, EXPRESS, Levi's, Fossil. Almost all of my closet is name brand items that I've never paid full price for. 

It might not be much, but these tips are always in my mind when I go thrift shopping and they always helps me dictate what is really worth buying. I'm a person that would rather spend money on experiences than things, so when I can get the things I want for cheap and still look good, you better believe that's the way I'm gonna go. No shame. :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Books and Bedrest Poll

I'm suffering a slow, agonizing death sick.
I'm also so bored I've taken to doing my online schooling. Yikes, I'm desperate. 
To combat this boredom, I've picked back up my habit of reading and just finished re-reading the Harry Potter series (yes, it's still on the poll, I'll re-read it 'til I die). And through continuing boredom I've rendered a poll to ask you, yes you! what series I should read next because series are my favorite and I have nothing better to do at 10:53 pm on a Friday night than make trivial polls, and isn't that just a little sad. 

So, without further ado...

What book series should I read next?

Harry Potter


Fifty Shades of Grey

The Hunger Games
Please Specify:
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