Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY: Faux Leather Nightstand

I have returned!
I know it's been a while since I've made a post. So, to kick things back off, I have a little DIY that is everything I'm about: cheap and shmancy looking. I've had one of those ugly little chipboard round tables for a while now. I picked it up for $1 at a thrift store a while back thinking I was going to do some project with it and true to form, that project never happened. ;) But now it has been reborn! I have a really tall bed and my current nightstand wasn't cutting it height wise. I also wanted something edgier and more in tone with the rest of my room's style, which I've recently redone as well. I'll post pictures later! Anyway, cue up my ugly little decorating table. 
Get your own ugly table here!
One of the things I did on my hiatus was take a trip (or three) to California where my friend recently moved.

Of course I scoped out every Goodwill in a 20 mile radius from his apartment, and while I was there, I found a yard of amazing brown pleather for less than $2! I stuffed that shiz into my carry on and brought it home. It sat for awhile until the other day, when I was ranting about how I couldn't find a nightstand high enough for my bed, my dad suggested I cover my ugly table with the pleather. I was SO on board! 

My only tweak to the idea was to cut down the table top to have a straight-edge side that I could push up against the wall. Trying to save as much room as possible!

What You Need
- ugly little table
- thick, durable fabric
- staple gun
- scissors
- saw

So, we started by cutting off one side of the round tabletop, keeping in mind the placement of the legs on the underside. 

I didn't take pictures of the next part but it's incredibly easy. Whip out your staple gun and go crazy. I just flipped the table upside down on the pleather, cut around the edges giving myself about three inches extra to work with, and wrapped it around the sides and stapled, stapled, stapled. My suggestion would be to start stapling down the fabric on the straight-edge first, then switch across to the middle point of your half-circle and work your way around each side until you get to the back corners. Folding is your friend! This is what I ended up with.

Please forgive the horrible photo quality (it was nighttime and my room gets pretty dark) but this is the finished product in my room! You can see how tall my bed is, so I was very excited to get this edgy little table in there! Some things I might do to this later on to make it ever more industrial-chic is add gold or brass caps to the ends of the legs and 'maybe' stain the legs a slightly darker color. I thought about adding a brass brad trim but thought that might look a little outdated. What do you think?

Hope you like it as much as I do. These little tables are abundant at thrift stores all year round so if this is something you'd love to throw in your bedroom, hall, or entryway, you won't have any trouble snagging one of your own!

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  1. You did a great job. I found when we bought our new bed that all the night stands were to short. I found some old sewing machine tables that are the perfect height. I left mine with the original finish but they could be painted up. I know this comes quite a long time after your original post but might help if you are looking for a change.