Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY Harry Potter Ornament Series Part 4: Winged Key, Quill, Sorting Hat, Nagini, Scabbers, Sir Cadogan

Hello once again!
If you've been keeping up with the craftin', we're on part 4 of my DIY Harry Potter Ornament series! See parts 1, 2, and 3 here!

These five ornaments took me around an hour or so to make. It was very enjoyable too because they involve painting, which is always my favorite way to transform a piece into something more recognizable. Now, onto the fun stuff!

First, The Winged Silver Key from HP&SS that Harry had to catch to advance in capturing the Sorcerer's Stone.

Next, a Quill used by Hogwarts students.

As you can see, this one is hardly a craft as it's mostly done for you. But quick and easy is always a plus in my book!

The Sorting Hat we all know and love!

1. Gather a black witches hat (this felt one was $1 in the doll section at JoAnne's) and brown paints.
2. Cut a wavy, worn edge onto the brim.
3. Glue over the tip of the hat to make it worn and floppy.
4. Using hot glue, "draw" on your highlight lines where the eyes, mouth, and creases would be.
5. Paint entire hat dark brown.
6. Paint in shadows with black paint and highlights with light brown.
7. Attach hook and hang!

Nagini, Voldemort's beloved horcrux.

Again, very simple. Just painting her black designs on.

Scabbers, the untrustworthy fat rat secretkeeper. 

Much like Nagini, just paint with as much detail as you like!

And finally, Sir Cadogan in one of his paintings!

Five more ornaments down, still like thirty to go and only 38 days till Christmas! Keep an eye out for more DIY ornaments coming soon!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 Ingredient Healthy FUDGY Brownies!!!

Really, I shouldn't have even put healthy in the name. Not that they aren't, but people head for the hills when they see that because it means one of two things...
1. It'll be disgusting.
2. There'll be so many ingredients to make it, it's not worth the hassle or price.

Well, ladies and gents I'm here to show you the light. 

This isn't breaking news as I'm sure you've seen a pinterest recipe for them before. But I've tried several tweaks and found the perfect way of making the best, FUDGY (yes, I said fudgy) black bean brownies!

Right, then. 
Step 1: Dig out a can of black beans I'm sure you have kickin' around your cabinets. Procure a box of your favorite brownie mix while you're at it. 
But wait! Here's the secret to the fudge: DARK chocolate brownie mix. Here I have regular Duncan Hines but if you really wanna go for it, the best I've used is Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix.  What happens is the rich dark cocoa better masks the protein-y flavor of the black beans and tends to make a fudgier brownie.

Step 2: Open the can and drain and rinse your beans. REALLY WELL. Then, fill that can of beans to the top with water.

3: Put the bean/water mixture into your blender (or just pulverize by hand if you need some stress relief) and blend for about a minute until nice and smooth - no chunks of beans.

4. Dump your boxed mix into a bowl and add the bean purée. That's all you add! No butter, eggs, oil, etc. Just protein and water!

5. Stir to combine and pour into a greased baking pan. Cook brownies based on the directions right on your brownie mix box. 

So, I don't have a picture of the finished product because the whole pan was literally devoured upon escaping the oven. They're that good. I've given these to people without telling them what was in them and they've never questioned me. They love them! Some don't to be honest, as there is a different taste compared to sugary, oily brownies but it isn't a bad thing. The best part is, they're a source of fiber and protein and come in at around 160 calories per brownie! If you really wanna kick it up a notch, stir in a cup of your favorite chocolate chips/baking chips to amp up the flavor and indulgence! For the holidays, I'm thinking of adding some caramel filled Hershey's Kisses to the party! 

Oh, and here's something frightening to consider.



Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Harry Potter Ornament Series Part 3: Harry's Glasses, Wizard Money, Ravenclaw Diadem, Goblet of Fire, Triwizard Cup, Extendable Ear

Well, look at that. It's November! I am so sorry for my month long hiatus. I can't even say I know where the time went. At least we gained an hour this weekend, so yay sleep! Okay, down to business people because brace yourselves...

****This is going to be a LONG post****

This series contains 6 ornaments: Harry's glasses, Wizard Money, Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, The Goblet of Fire, The Triwizard Cup, and an Extendable Ear.
I'll also show you how I spent my Halloween weekend!

First up, Harry's Glasses

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Wizard Money
I am aware of the $ sign and lack of insignia of the real wizard coins, however, from a distance, the colors look very similar and I get the intended purpose of wizarding money. : ) 

Triwizard Cup

Extendable Ear

Goblet of Fire

To be honest, I didn't take pictures of the hot mess process because it was really trial and error. If you want to recreate it, I used the largest plastic funnel from a 3 pk funnel set from Dollar tree for the goblet, some leftover craft foam for the stone base and fire, and brown/gray/white/black/blue paint.

DISCLAIMER: I am no artist. I'm also broke. These ornaments are of my own creation and opinion and can be rudimentary, purposely inaccurate, or works of art. Point is, I'm making them for me so use your own creativity when making your own!

Now, if you'd like to know where I spent my weekend, I'll tell you. The First Annual Harry Potter CONjuration Convention! It was a three day convention in Atlanta covering all beloved series from Harry Potter to Doctor Who to Supernatural. There were musicians, improv/magic shows, vendors, celebrity guests, and many wonderful panels about everything magic! I highly recommend going next year! Visit their website and Facebook to find out more!

My cosplay as a Deatheater :)

Stepping in as Sirius Black

Look guys, I'm on a Chocolate Frog card! One of my finest achievements! ;)

Taking a magic carpet ride

Do you recognize this lovely lady? It's none other than young Lily Potter! Miss Ellie Darcy-Alden did two Q&A panels this weekend and was kind enough to sign autographs and take pictures. She's very grounded, sweet, and funny! This picture was taken in the vendor's bazaar area.

Maybe you recognize this man, too? He's Mr. Ken Spivey of The Ken Spivey Band! He did performances and ran several of the panels at CONjuration, including one about the science in Doctor Who versus the magic in Harry Potter! Incredibly knowledgable and funny man who will be seen next at Atomacon 2014! Check him out here!

Ok, so I PROMISE it won't be as long for my next post! Feel free to leave comments on what you think of these ornaments or CONjuration! 

See the first two parts of the series here and here!