Tuesday, September 30, 2014

DIY Harry Potter Ornament Series Part 2: Neville's Remembrall & Scuttling Spiders Scene

Welcome to the second installment of my Harry Potter Ornament Series!
To see the first installment with 3 more ornaments, click here!

This week I wanted to recreate Neville's Remembrall.
1. Supplies:
- clear ornament
- red ribbon (mesh is best for the smokey effect)
- gold paint pen/sharpie
2. Cut a piece of ribbon that's about 12 inches long.
3. Fold the end of your ribbon to thread it into the ornament. Mine pushed in easily because it was wired ribbon, but you can use a pencil if yours isn't.
4. Use your gold marker to draw details. I drew a gold band around the middle at an angle.
5. Next I drew some gold dots to resemble the real Remembrall.
6. Done!

Scuttling Spiders Scene
I really got the inspiration for this ornament when I saw this pack of little spiders at Dollar Tree. Seriously, people that store is the shiz. You remember in Chamber of Secrets where the spiders run across the hall and out of the window? That's the scene I wanted to recreate. This is a long tutorial so forgive me.

1. Not pictured: cardboard, excato knife, hot glue gun
2. Draw a Hogwarts style window on your cardboard.
 3. Cut out with exacto knife.
 4. Brace cardboard by glueing on craft sticks.
5. Print picture of Forbidden Forest and cut to size.
6. Paint window with layers and foam to resemble stone.
7. Lay craft sticks in a tight row to form a "floor". Brace by glueing on two support sticks.
8. Flip over and use hot glue gun to draw on a brick/stone pattern.
9. Layer paint colors to resemble a stone floor.
10. Glue your picture to the back of the window.
11. Attach floor to window with hot glue and craft sticks for support. Glue on spiders to look like they're fleeing to the forest. Voila!

I hope you enjoy! Check out the first installment here!

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