Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY: Mini Binder Purse Companion & 14 Free Printables!

Have you ever been grocery shopping and got to the end of the store only to find that you've forgotten several items on your list that are scattered all over previous aisles? I don't have enough digits to count... So, it got me thinking of how to combat this problem and my solution is this handy mini binder purse companion for several areas of my life, including grocery shopping! In this post are all the free printables you need to make your own mini binder. Just slip it into your bag and you'll have it whenever you need it. Here's how I did mine.

*First, gather your materials. If you choose to buy an Avery brand Mini Binder, it will have a pocket, thus making the 1 sheet of card stock/tape/scissors/ruler unneeded. 

This step is very annoying important. While Avery has lined filler paper for sale online and at most office supply stores, they and many others have yet to create a simple pack of 5.5 by 8.5 inch plain filler paper. You don't want lined because the lines will show up behind the template. Therefore, do this nearly as simple step instead. You'll already be at the supply store anyway ;) Go find yourself a ream (pack of) plain printer paper. Got mine for $2.49 at OfficeMax. Go over to the printer services station and ask them to cut your ream of paper in half. This costs $1.79. My OfficeMax didn't have this option but most should have a hole-punch machine that can hole punch your paper for you. If not, my templates come with a pre-printed guide for you to follow!

*Now that you have your halved paper, simply stack it in your printer, print out the templates you're going to use and hole punch your sheets following my guide of black dots!

*Next, assemble your binder using your mini dividers. I used Avery's label printing service to add the categories of Calendars/Groceries/Blog/Personal/Notes. See below for a full list of available templates.

*If your binder doesn't come with a pocket, you can whip up a quick pouch like I did. I just took 1 sheet of card stock, measured, cut, and folded it into the above shape and taped it together. I also just used tape to attach it to my binder in case I want to change to another option later. I plan to use this pouch for pens and coupons!

*And there you have it! A purse friendly binder with several helpful pages to organize your life!

To Do List/Reminders Template
Monthly Calendar Template
Weekly Calendar Template

Grocery Expenses Tracker Template
*Use the master grocery list as a reference page. Write down the items you buy most often at the grocery store and use to look back on when writing new grocery lists.

Master Grocery List Template
*For the grocery map templates, it requires some planning. Take a quick snapshot of your grocer's aisle signs to find out what's on each aisle. Then, transfer these items onto the line under each aisle so that when you make a grocery list, simple categorized your items under the appropriate aisle! Now, when you're in your store, simply flip open your binder and set it in the buggy and buy from your list on each aisle! Never forget an item again!
Grocery List Map: Bakery-Aisle 3
Grocery List Map: Aisles 4-9
Grocery List Map: Aisles 10-15
Grocery List Map: Aisles 16-21
Grocery List Map: Aisles 22-Misc.
Blog Ideas Template
Personal Expenses Ledger Template
Password Keeper Template
Notes Template


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    1. You're very welcome April, thanks for stopping by!

  2. You are such a sweetie for sharing these! No longer will I forget anything at the store nor will I forget to update my check registry! :D

    1. Thanks so much Tanya, I'm so happy this could help!

  3. Cute idea!!! I have a large household binder, but love the smaller version to carry with me.

    1. Thanks! And that's great, I was hoping to emphasize on the versatility of being able to pop it in your purse and run!

  4. This was awesome and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for the templates and all your hard work. Thanks for sharing also.

  5. Jessica thankyou for such a great binder always wanted a small one
    you done so much hard work and freely shared
    thankyou have a great day

  6. Thank you so much. This is perfect, just what I was looking for!

  7. I have spent hours trying to find something I could work with to get organized. I had an idea what I wanted just could not find the one, but you hit the nail on the head with this post. Thank you so very much for sharing

  8. I have tried so hard to figure out how to print these. Maybe it's my computer, maybe it's me? Help please!?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Is the issue you're having not being able to open up a PDF to print? I just recently changed the entire look of my blog and chose a poor color for the links to the PDF's! On each page you want to print, if you hover over the white bottom portion of each picture, it'll turn pink with the link to the PDF. Then you can change your printer settings to half page dimensions 4.25 by 6.5, and print onto half sheets of paper! Let me know if this helps!

  9. Only two have links. How can I download the rest.

    1. Hi Jaclyn! I need to edit my font colors but if you hover the white space under each picture a salmon colored link will appear with the name of the Download - if you click that it will take you to a PDF you can print! I hope this helps! In the meantime I will get right on changing the fonts so the other titles show up! Thank you!