Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY: Craft Bucket List Sticks

If you're anything like me, I have tons of crafts and DIY's pinned on my pinterest boards. Sadly, they most often go unseen and worse, undone. And believe me, I hoard pins only to sift through them every once in a while, none of my cute ideas ever making it to fruition. But, no more! As I've said, most of my projects come out of boredom or need, accompanied by a tight budget. So, I whipped up this quick (and I mean super quick) DIY to help foster a more creative spirit and hopefully get some of these crafts done!
- any type of wooden stick (Popsicle/skinny sticks)
- paint colors of your choice
- assorted paintbrushes
- marker

** Simply scour your Pinterest boards for the names of your favorite crafts and copy them onto your sticks with your marker.**

** You can paint your sticks in any way you like. Several dots of each color per stick would look cute. **

** They'll be dry by the time you finish painting the last one. I only needed one coat. **

** Whenever you're feeling crafty, simply pull one of your sticks out at random and get creating! **

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