Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quick and Dirty DIY: Recycling Sorter

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to share a quick project that will tidy up your current recycling set-up. For the past year, we've gotten by with two trash cans: one for trash and the other for all types of recycling. It's worked alright until we saw what my dad had to go through on "Dump Days". We'd get confused/lazy and throw recyclables into the trash can, forcing my dad to dutifully sort through both our main recycle bin and our trash. YUCK. So, my mom and I went to stores to find a better option. Problem is, recycling options are expensive!!! So, this is what we bought to handle our trash.
Yes, that is a clothes sorter! However, it makes the perfect recyclables sorter! We bought this for $18.99 from the best store ever (Target, of course) but Walmart also sells the exact same one here
So, next we bought these trash bags we use in our regular trash can. They have drawstrings and odor protection. Awesome!
Simply fit the trash bags around your sorter the same way you attach the drawstring mesh bags and you now have three lined compartments!
To make things color friendly, we use the blue bag for plastics, the white bag for paper, and the gray bag for metal. We don't discard much glass so we simply use a grocery bag for that. It may not be the most attractive choice but it does the job and when it comes time to take out the trash, simply remove your trash bags and pull up the drawstrings for a one step recycle! You'll be going green in no time :)

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