Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY Harry Potter Ornament Series Part 3: Harry's Glasses, Wizard Money, Ravenclaw Diadem, Goblet of Fire, Triwizard Cup, Extendable Ear

Well, look at that. It's November! I am so sorry for my month long hiatus. I can't even say I know where the time went. At least we gained an hour this weekend, so yay sleep! Okay, down to business people because brace yourselves...

****This is going to be a LONG post****

This series contains 6 ornaments: Harry's glasses, Wizard Money, Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, The Goblet of Fire, The Triwizard Cup, and an Extendable Ear.
I'll also show you how I spent my Halloween weekend!

First up, Harry's Glasses

Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem

Wizard Money
I am aware of the $ sign and lack of insignia of the real wizard coins, however, from a distance, the colors look very similar and I get the intended purpose of wizarding money. : ) 

Triwizard Cup

Extendable Ear

Goblet of Fire

To be honest, I didn't take pictures of the hot mess process because it was really trial and error. If you want to recreate it, I used the largest plastic funnel from a 3 pk funnel set from Dollar tree for the goblet, some leftover craft foam for the stone base and fire, and brown/gray/white/black/blue paint.

DISCLAIMER: I am no artist. I'm also broke. These ornaments are of my own creation and opinion and can be rudimentary, purposely inaccurate, or works of art. Point is, I'm making them for me so use your own creativity when making your own!

Now, if you'd like to know where I spent my weekend, I'll tell you. The First Annual Harry Potter CONjuration Convention! It was a three day convention in Atlanta covering all beloved series from Harry Potter to Doctor Who to Supernatural. There were musicians, improv/magic shows, vendors, celebrity guests, and many wonderful panels about everything magic! I highly recommend going next year! Visit their website and Facebook to find out more!

My cosplay as a Deatheater :)

Stepping in as Sirius Black

Look guys, I'm on a Chocolate Frog card! One of my finest achievements! ;)

Taking a magic carpet ride

Do you recognize this lovely lady? It's none other than young Lily Potter! Miss Ellie Darcy-Alden did two Q&A panels this weekend and was kind enough to sign autographs and take pictures. She's very grounded, sweet, and funny! This picture was taken in the vendor's bazaar area.

Maybe you recognize this man, too? He's Mr. Ken Spivey of The Ken Spivey Band! He did performances and ran several of the panels at CONjuration, including one about the science in Doctor Who versus the magic in Harry Potter! Incredibly knowledgable and funny man who will be seen next at Atomacon 2014! Check him out here!

Ok, so I PROMISE it won't be as long for my next post! Feel free to leave comments on what you think of these ornaments or CONjuration! 

See the first two parts of the series here and here!

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  1. I love all the ornaments you shared for this series! That Con looks amazing! I hope you share more posts soon.