Monday, September 15, 2014

Mini Binder Christmas Planner

100 days.

That's how much time we have before Christmas! To some that's a whole lot, but to a meticulous planner like me, I see a little over three short months to get my act together so I'm not pulling my hair out come the holidays! If you find yourself in the same boat or are one of those brave souls that waits 'til the last minute, use this planner to help share the load! Please note these are for mini-binders, meaning you need 8.5 by 5.5 inch plain paper. See my other post on how to make your own. If you already have one, simply pop this into the back, or make a cute Christmas binder just for this! I have all the free printables you could need from meal planning to party games and more!

Simply click the link below each template to access the PDF!

Use this Black Friday planner to organize what you plan to get from each store, at what price, and for whom!

Use this simple template to plan your gift recipients and what you might get them.

Use as a generic recipient gift planner.

Use as a detailed gift planner for a child.

Use as a gift planner for a significant other.

Use this as a gift planner for parents.

Use this as a gift planner for the In-Laws.

Use this to plan gifts for a family.

Use this as a gift planner for friends.

Use this as a gift planner for charity/other.

A December calendar to mark all your important events!

Use this to create a gift spending budget.

A shopping list of all the wrapping supplies you need!

A page to write down all of your Elf on the Shelf ideas!

A meal planner for your Christmas Eve dinner!

A meal planner for your Christmas Day dinner!

If you plan on throwing a party, use this page to document your favorite Christmas games! Minute to Win It anyone? You can find my family's favorite game here!

A page to document all the Christmas traditions you plan to uphold!

Do you have a secret santa? Use this page to help you find the best gift of all!

A simple notes page for your stray ideas!

Would you like an early present? Keep a lookout for an upcoming post with a special Christmas surprise!


  1. I'm surprised there aren't any comments!! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you SO much for all your work in putting this together! I have one wee request...could you make a Christmas Breakfast page? And maybe a page for stocking stuffer ideas? And maybe give us tech challenged an idea on how to print this stuff out? My printer wants to print it in the center of the page, which is fine, but makes it harder to trim up neatly. Any pointers, tips or tricks? Double sided printing? Ok, sorry! That was more than one request! Thanks again for these!!!!

    1. The Farm-Marm, I appreciate your comment so much! I have this blog as a side thing just for fun so I love to see that people sometimes read it and get something from it! I'm so glad you like the mini binder! I'm going to make the pages you requested - all awesome ideas, I should've thought of them myself! I'll have them up in a new post. I'm also going to try and make a full page version of the Christmas planner pages. But in regards to printing out the mini pages, you just need to set up your page size to be 5.50 by 8.50 (5.5 inches by 8.5 inches). It's usually done by going to File -> Page Setup or File -> Print -> and there will be an option for choosing the page size. 5.5 by 8.5 isn't a pre-set option so you should be able to click on a "Custom Size" option to type the dimensions in yourself. As for printing double sided, you could print out the pages you want, and then flip them over and feed them back through with the other pages you want. Great idea! Let me know if that doesn't help and I'll look into my PDF's. Going to make a new post now! Keep a look out!