Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Anatomy of a Braves Game Attendee

As you can tell from my bio, I am huge fan of the Atlanta Braves. Win or lose, my favorite thing to do in the summer is pack in as many games as I can to support the best darn team in the South! Okay...maybe not the best right now but good fans stick with it! 

There are two things that come into play when I go to a game.
1) I do NOT do hot.
2) It's always hot in the South.

So, after attending too many a game with my thighs sticking to the seats, sweat collecting in a steamy puddle at my feet, and saying "It's hot" about 937567093 times...I finally mastered a few tricks to beat the heat! And being the good southern woman I am, I'm going to share them with you!

The (Unofficial) Anatomy of a Braves Game Attendee

1) Bring a hand towel. Not only do the seats get wicked hot to the touch, skin on plastic does not bode well in 100 degree heat. A hand towel is the perfect size to place on the edge of your seat to protect your legs and you can use it to dab sweat or even wet with water to cool you off! I figured this one out after countless times of stealing peoples shirts to sit on or padding my chair with napkins. Not a hot look.

2) Bring sunscreen. Okay, blog lady, you're not telling me something new here. I know, I know. But bringing sunscreen is worth mentioning because even the one time you forget, you will remember it forever...or at least your crazy tan lines will. I can't count the times I've shared my sunscreen with kids and babies at a game.

3) Wear sunglasses/a hat. Again, nothing new here, but if you forget them, you'll look ridiculous squinting and shielding your eyes for four innings until the sun dips down behind the stadium. I once got crafty and turned a cardboard drink holder into a visor before I got smart.

4) Bring a lightweight bag. Braves games are notorious for sending you home with a bunch of crap you didn't arrive with. Programs, free shirts, bobbleheads, souvenir cups, Dippin' Dots Braves helmets...and all of that is in addition to what you bring. So, I suggest a sturdy drawstring bag that you can easily fit everything into. Sure, you might look like a pack mule but it's worth it on your trek back to the car!

5) Know your clothes. If you know you get mad chub rub when you wear short shorts...don't wear them to a game! If you know it get's hotter than an oven under your isn't the time to bust out that new maxi dress you bought. Bermuda shorts work great for curvier gals (like myself) and also protect your legs from the hot seat in case you forget tip #1! Also, wearing Braves jerseys to the game over a tank top looks cute, it really does. But those things were not meant to be breathable. I almost always end up draping mine over my chair. So, that's your call.

6) Know your seats. My last tip isn't something you can bring, but something you can do ahead of time. When you're buying your game tickets, try to pick seats that are under one of the stadium overhangs, or as close to behind home plate as possible. Especially for day games, the sun is going to be shining directly onto the outfield seats, as well as the upper level seats that aren't protected by an overhang. If you're not fortunate enough to sit at the club level where you have access to the air conditioned hallway, trust me in being picky about your seat location. It can be the difference between sitting in blatant, miserable heat for half the game or enjoying it from the shade with your $12 souvenir coke.

So, those are the tips I try to go by whenever I attend a Braves game. Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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