Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Christmas Wreath and Centerpiece Décor

This past week was an eventful one for me between getting my certification for a new job (Hello, substitute teaching!) and pulling down ALL the Christmas decorations from the attic to deck the halls. Somewhere in there, I managed to do a couple diy projects to spruce up my mother's village collection and our dining room table. 

Read on for how you can make these yourself and how can help!

Christmas Wreath

You need: artificial poinsettias, wreath form, red ribbon, phrase plaque, hot glue gun

step 1: wrap wreath form in red ribbon. i used a straw form so i held my ribbon in place with sewing pins. the exposed portion will be covered by the flowers.

step 2: for this project, i found this wooden plaque you paint yourself (a craft within a craft! my favorite!) at goodwill but Walmart and Michael's have phrase plaques for super cheap that you can use in place. can help you out, too! If you sign up (for free...score!) on their website, you can buy a Walmart or Michael's gift card (among many others) at a reduced price that you can use to get all the materials for this craft!

Because who else needs a reason to go shopping other than saving money!

step 3: pull your flowers and leaves from the stems.

step 4: using hot glue, attach your plaque and flowers in any orientation you like best!

step 5: i hung my wreath over my mom's Christmas village with Command strips. i'll be doing a post later on how to do the snowflakes you see on the window with just two materials!

Table Centerpiece Décor

You need: stemmed glasses, candles, small holiday trinkets, charger or decorative plate, fake snow, additional décor

the base of this centerpiece is really the overturned stemmed glasses that conceal small, holidays trinkets, topped with festive colored candles. the other items are optional but help complete the scene! I've been seeing the cutest holiday things at Target (my friend and i live the dollar section) that you can snatch up for this centerpiece with a gift card from 

I would love to see someone do something similar with these glitter reindeer! Get them cheaper with a gift card!

step 1: gather equal numbers of stemware, candles, and small, holiday trinkets
step 2: on your charger/plate, overturn your glasses with a trinket underneath and a candle on top
step 3: add faux snow around your display (we got ours from an old pillow!)
step 4: embellish your display with any additional décor you have. we used my favorite brass deer, a festive candle snuff, and threw in a few fake poinsettias for good measure.

And there you have it! Two crazy simple Christmas decorations to get your house in the holiday spirit!

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